YouTube promotions have arrived

We have been working on YouTube promotions for some time now. We are finally ready to launch this exciting new feature! Only one small problem… We couldn’t settle on a price. So (for now) it’s free. It’s actually only available on active promotion campaigns and it does not add to the daily cost of the campaign.

You should also check out our “EQ YouTube Videos“. It only cost $5 for 1 video or $3.50 each for 4 videos and we add $0.01 to your account balance for every view it gets (as long as there aren’t any copyright claims against the contents of the music in the video).

Having your own official artist YouTube channel is important these days especially with the advancements of Smart TVs that come with YouTube built into the operating system. YouTube is a great artist discovery tool.


Our main site finally enters v2!

Finally! Our main site enters into version 2. Our artist portal has been in it’s second version for some time now. In fact, we are close to launching v2.2. Over the past couple of months we have spent a lot of time building our team so that we can provide more services to the tens of thousands of artist that use Just Press Play everyday.

We have also spent over 1,000 man hours in last 2 months beefing up our infrastructure to take on the massive load of our new development platform. Our soon to be released API will be launched soon along with a couple of new music sites that will be 100% powered by our API.

So much more to come…