Earnings reports

Monetization. Welcome to v3.0!

This is a game changer! Version 3.0 came way ahead of schedule. Version 2.5 was set for release by the end of July 2014 and 3.0 was to be completed in early 2015. But… here we are! We put all of our resources into developing this masterpiece. Unfortunately we had to pause development of LuckyHumanFoot.com in order to complete v3.0 (artist platform) months ahead of shedule. Development of LuckyHumanFoot.com will now resume and be developed in parallel with InnerCircles.ca (a future blog post about that will be posted shortly).

There are far too many updates, changes and new features to list in a single blog post. So we will create an internal blog for artist only and list them all there.

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