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Run Rabbit, Run! is almost ready for it’s Alpha release! We have been working on it around the clock to meet the impossible deadline that we have set for ourselves. Because the design changes so often the only screenshot that exists is of the updated Visualizer that has been borrowed and enhanced from For those who care we will go into more detail on that below. As well as developer updates for the tech geeks who we like to build networks.

The new Visualizer is awesome! And great for parties or chill sessions with friends. Some of the new features include:

  • More colors + more responsive visual effects with the Rabbit logo
  • Mouse movement triggers Music Player controls
  • Flip through your playlist without exiting the visualizer
  • The effects auto suppress if your browser starts to run slow

The following is some heavy tech stuff for the IT professionals!

We have been stress testing the hell out of our API for months now. It’s nearing it’s public release so we thought we’d take a change, pop the hood, mess around with infrastructure and hopefully not break it.  We designed a new web cluster and tested it against our existing cluster. The results were impressive! We managed to design a server cluster that is 64 times faster!  Instead of scrapping the current setup we simply reassigned it to only work on low priority API calls that are not time sensitive. With the new cluster assigned to the high priority tasks with the addition of using the secondary cluster as a fail-over in the event that sometime goes wrong with the primary cluster. This is going to make future web development very easy not only for us but also for anyone using the API!

Stay tuned for the launch of our enterprise level solutions! Contact us, let us design and build a highly scalable network for you!


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