Goodbye beta mode! We squashed all of the bugs!

All (known) bugs have been fixed! The entire Marketplace is up and running as well. We have mixing and mastering engineers in-house working around the clock getting the sound just right.

If you haven’t checked out the Boost promotions yet then you should definitely do that. Add your social profiles on My Account and then head over to Promotions, click on Boost then click the Create New button to view all of the options.

We have a new support team and a new custom built support system in place. Our support staff is currently working hard to get all of your music reviewed and approved as soon as possible as well as responding to every support request.

As a thank you we are offering up to a 100% bonus on deposits from now until the weekend is over! Deposits do not expire and they can be used for everything that we offer. Mixing, mastering, YouTube video creation, promotions, etc.